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Good Morning!


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I hope everyone else is having a good one. I know i am. Im going to go pick up my new pedal kits today and im fackin PUMPED!!! i know most ppl here wont appreciate this but what the fuck eh?

i got a slowgear circut, they dont even make those pedals anymore, and i realllly dont know why. it rocks. finally that sweet sweet reverse guitar tone without having to time out your phrases to come out of the processor backwards and yet on time. i could never time it right.

also got a big muff fuzz because they are easy to build, and ive never had one. always been a tubescreamer man myself. The envelope filter kit looks tough to build but i figure ill just go slow. even if it take me a few days.

When you buy 3kits, you get a 4rth tremolo kit for free. awesome deal, considering im paying about $300 for 4 pedals, which usually go for around 150~ or better. shit i have one that worth almost 400 in itself.

I cant wait ti figure out how to tweak and mod these sons of bitches for my own personal taste.

if i really get the hang of it Id love to start building some FX for some of these local bands to try out.

so yeah, im pumped. plus its my best buddy scott wilsons stag tonigght, and were gettin drunk as fuck.

i hope everybody has a good day today, Ive got to go dig 6 more inches of dirt outta the backyard for to lay opur patio stones. even that cant get me down today.


thanks for reading, have a good one.

ps: schmelter, greggor, call me.

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