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Best Phish/Dead Years?


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gonna have to go with esau on the pigpen yrs

phishwise the house party i have from 88 or 89 is fucking smoking. 93-95 and 97 kick ass too.

all about the 97 phall phunk

the first phish boot i ever got was 12 7 97

if you dont have this show go grab it,, its been on teh phan phav list for years,, its smokin.

the only time they ever did psycho killer?

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69 - at their most fluid

70 - love those three set shows

72 - Europe and fall tour

73 - out there jamming, on another planet

74 - some really good shows

77 - after the dullness of 77, the band was on fire

83 - some underrated ones here folks

84 - probably better than 85

90 - Brent was at his peak, the band was never the same without him



- although the times i saw them in 92 were great

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You guys must be joking about 89 dead...I always found that to be the Dead at their worst, Warlocks shows or otherwise.

72 is the year of years in my books, followed closely by '69, and I rate those years highly not because of setlist diversity or 90 minute darkstars but because of honest, unfettered originality. Those were times in which they were totally alone on some musical plane, and as musicians they had reached a point where they spoke without speaking and played without playing.

I'm not much of a Phish collector. Whatever year A Live One is from, that'll get my vote I guess.

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