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So who all is going to Neil tomorrow?


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Hey Trev...

I'll be there tomorrow... I managed to score 8 free tickets! Not bad. Damn, if I'd known you wanted one though... sorry. If I manage any extra, I'll let you know and you can have one.

I'll be there with those crazy Chatham boys Studog and Backbacon... as well as the PeiPunk and Burtman... Cyn from Grey's coming and my buddy Brother Bill and one of his friends. Should be a party!!! [Eek!]

I've got 8 seats all in a row so look for the rowdy bunch. If you do come, let's be in touch for some bevvies pre / during / post!

See ya... I'll be in touch if I grab another one...



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dont buy from the first scalper you talk to.

sound smart when you talk to them. tell them exactly what you want.

for csny i said i want the first five rows in section 109 or 118.

tell them what you are planning on spending...know what face is, wait 'till just before the show....dont buy a ticket two hours before teh show...

if you are by yourself, a scalper should have a super cheap ticket...dont forget, they get a TON of tickets for free...comp tickets happen all the time...i've personally never had a problem with fake tickets...

usually if they have a hand full of tickets, they are legit scalpers. (theres an oxymoron for ya)

anyways, i'll be there around five'ish, drinking under the Gardner overpass, in the lot on the corner of bay and front (i think).

First lot you see on the left coming off the Gardner on the exit you take to get to the ACC.

If weather suits, i'll be wearing my Red Team Canada Jersey.

See ya tomorrow.

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damn, that is a hot location to sit....

offer 2/3 face...

just ya gotta know what face is for what your looking for...

if your looking for below face on the cheapest seats, its easier.

but if your looking for below face on say, that 118 seat, and you make an offer below face, they may just give you a cheaper ticket, located somewhere else, and you may not notice till you've purchased it.

either way....try to have enough to pay face for where you want to sit. with enough careful dealing, you may get in the doors for less!!!!

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Hey Trev...

Probably drinks at my place first. I think the boozers will assemble there. I'm sure S2dog and backbacon will have a dance party going by the time I get home. [Wink] Trying to get out of work at a decent time... work is nuts for me though as I have an insane campaign launching next Tues, 10 months in the making, which had me here til 5:30am last night.... but I'm outta here come hell or high water once show time draws near. Start the bevvies at my desk if need be! [big Grin]

I'll be in touch. Let me know if you're thinking of a patio prior.


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Ok - Mary here... with the punk... the backbacon... the s2dog... the burtman... dave... and only cyberhippie had to part ways... the mary harem was a joy tonight... we rocked out to neil.

now we're back at my folks' place. they're off in paris trusting me with the abode. 1st mistake.

rocking out to neil decades and decades ago.

celebrated neil on the ride home.

last waltz is playing on a theatre.

s2 and backbacon are slow dancing... its really beautiful....

just kidding.

time to rock just like the show did...

wow... greendale floored us... so did all the classics that followed... for all you greendale non believers... time to believe my dears.

word [Eek!][big Grin][Razz]

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Just got back from my first Neil young show...It's been a long time coming, as this man has truly helped shaped my musical journey....I was not dissapointed one bit. First off I have to say the Neil impressed me with his new material, it is nice to see someone who has managed to remain relevent and entertaining for so many years...he truly is an icon, and remains to create new and vibrant works of art. the stage theatrics were very interesting...neil!!! I of course was happy like everyone else to here some classics thrown in there...during down by the river...my eyes were closed and I could not help but have my mind wonder back in time to when rock was what it was....it was beautiful. the man continues to rock. I might venture to say that a few moments of this concert were of a religious sort to me...and now I relax at M's place with neil young on the big screen singing helpless with the band....a perfest and poetic ending to another wonderful adventure.

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