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Freeker in Chatham!!!


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Yeah daddies!!!

Friday Sept 19th... it's gonna be a party!!

Hiway Freeker!

CHANK! to open @ 9

KBD Club

Just drinkin some Baliey's n milk with the dog.. still in TO recoopin from the NY festivities!! What an AWESOME show!! Nice pics and review btw 2ndtube. So yeah, come on down and give'r in Chatham on the 19th.. preparty-> KBD party featuring free pool and TROUGH BOWLING!! Chank, Bob Dylan Project, Hiway Freeker and F-U-N-> acoustic jam after party!! Burtman last night said he was comin and bringin his guity.. should be interesting! well, s2 just mixed up some rye and oj, time to go enjoy the beautiful day!



double 'o' booche

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Hey Ker, Stu,

I'll be outta work 4-ish.

Please have a cocktail ready and waiting for my return home. [smile] I'm guessing a total of 3 hours sleep over the past 2 days will make me a cheap drunk. Nice.

Ok - time to do it all over again!

[big Grin]

Need me to pick up beers and smokes on the way home?

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I think I'm just starting to sober up now anyways ... whiskey is definitely in order! But I'll grab a 2-4 too in case the winds change and it becomes a beer mood.

Bringing a lady friend w/ me too.

Time to crank up that Chatham charm, boys! [Razz]

I'll call the Punk and see if he's interested in coming by or if he's past out on a grassy knoll at work after last night's Festivities!

Three cheers for happy hour!

See you boys soon...

[big Grin]

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Sup, Ker...

Did you guys get a chance to check out Cargo's van yet, sweet hunk of steel ay. He slept in it parked in our driveway for like 3 weeks, what a clown.

Again, wish I could be there for the Chatham show, but hey thats geographics for ya. Besides, I'll be watchin The Dead at North America's greatest outdoor concert venue that weekend.

Not to mention Ween is coming to Alberta a couple of weeks later......maybe you should hop on a plane with wellzy... [Wink]


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haha! yeah was thinkin bout the ween plane trip with welly.. hvae to see!

haven't seen carrgo or his van yet.. I miss that bugger carrgo! [Frown] last I heard he's teaching and sleeping in the parking lot in his van! haha, imagine being woken by your students - "hey Mr. Carrgo, time to get up and give us our learn!!" anyways, yeah, too bad you can't make it to here for the thing.

yep geographics..

keri g

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