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White Water Rafting! (pics!)


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So last weekend Baj and I ventured down to West Virginia to go rafting on the Upper Gauley River.. It was a helluva time! It was Baj's first time going, and my second..

I just wanted to share these pictures of us! Pretty funny!!

Our first battle with a class 5 rapid.. Baj is in the front right (orange helmet), and I'm behind him.. Our guide's name is Redneck, and he was freakin' hilarious.. (My mom is behind me, followed by my dad.. Left side front is my cousin, Ashley, then my sister Corrina, her husband Chris, and my Aunt Mary.. Redneck is in the very back..)


This is right after my sister kicked me in the eye.. Ouch! Somehow, she didn't fall out!


Intense stuff!!


I can't wait for next year!

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booche went on a white water rafting trip at the end of high school, the videographer caught him on tape as he was climbing back into the raft after having been thrown out. as luck would have it, his shorts weren't tied up and- yes you guessed it- the slid down to his knees as he got back in.

if that werent enough, later that night there was a dinner in the lodge where they had a big screen. Just as our hero arrives at the lodge for dinner what part of the day's video should be airing?

The full moon shot of course.

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