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Baseball playoffs!

Freak By Night

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They start this week! Some good storylines going into the playoffs, including the monumental collapse of the Mets (up 7 games with 17 to go, and they totally went into a funk and didn't make the playoffs) and an NL showdown today between the Padres and the Rockies for the wildcard spot.

Being originally from Boston, I'm cheering for the Red Sox of course. I'm always pessimistic about them, they've let me down too many times (except for 2004!). The Yankees are always tough competition.

Who do you guys like? Or does anyone even care?

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Are these the match-ups then?


NY Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians

Boston Red Sox vs. Anaheim Angels


Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado/San Diego

Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Another Yankees/Red Sox series would be nice but I also wouldn't mind Cleveland taking the AL this year.

I hope Colorado grabs the NL wildcard spot today but I want the Cubs to win the league championship. After seeing Boston and the other Chicago team break their "curses", I'd like to see the Cubs do it too.

Now, I understand the Phillies must have been ecstatic to clinch the division on the last day but did the celebration have to include locker room bukakke?


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if the phillies can get some pitching, i'd be looking at them to be a sleeper... otherwise, and i fucking hate to say it, but i think this post-season just might belong to A-Rod and the yanks. too many good stories there: hughes/joba, the "get one for the old gipper" scenario given what torre went through this year, and the fact that this is a-rod's walk year. i can see him getting a ring for the yanks, then running for the money elsewhere to quietly sit back and crush bonds record.

on the other hand, boston might turn out to be the real deal this year, but i dont think cleveland's youngsters are gonna have the steam or the experience, and the NL teams just arent strong enough this year.

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after that ball went over holliday's head, the rockies started to play like they were just trying not to lose... overswinging at the plate, getting outguessed constantly by SD's relievers, bobbling balls in the field.. they really looked dejected all over the place.

until they actually were losing... that bottom of the 13th was amazing.

double, double, triple, walk, sac fly, off trevor fucking hoffman. how often does he blow a 2 run lead??

i love that holliday redeemed himself with the game-tying triple and the winning run, even though he never got the plate.

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