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Grand Theft Bus TWO sets Oct 6th Mavericks


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Marc Charron is opening for Grassroot Deviation in Edmonton tomorrow, so I don't think Lure's gonna be opening...

I bumped into Marc in Montreal a couple of weeks ago (we were both there to see Ryan Adams), and mentioned the GTB/Lure gig, and he knew about it, and said that it had been booked after his tour, which seemed to me to mean that it was happening without him; he also didn't say anything about it not happening because of him being on the road.

(That said, the fact that the opening post in this topic doesn't mention Lure, combined with it being a two-set GTB show, makes me wonder if Lure will be opening.)



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The posters also mention lure and I've seen them several times without marc. We just had Kae Sun over at the house, they just played with GTB and said that the show was just great. I haven't seen GTB in quite a while and Mike (plays with Kae) said that they've changed up their sound quite a bit so I'm real excited for this. See ya'll there tonight.

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Set I

Do I Have To Dance >

Lake Wallow


Is It Only Me >

Makes Me Free

Automatic >

Silence >

Fifo >


Set II

Nine Bells >

Smell The Roses

Ol' Guiseppe

White Flags

The Big Ugly Bastard >


Something Medicinal



Don't Go Say That


Street Sleeper



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Brad you didnt get this one recorded did yea???

Yup, I recorded it*, and doubly so: I had my usual rig out in the audience, and a second rig on the stage, with the mics in the centre of the stage, amidst the Bus. :)



* Thus extending my perfect record at Mavericks: I've recorded every band I've seen there, since the night the place opened. :)

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man, that was such a good show.. smell the roses, silence (and the intros/outros surrounding it), leader, and OMA all stick out as highlights for me... really enjoyed the new songs i heard, too - cant wait for the new disc.

i hope i dont ever go 2 years between bus rides again.. way too long... i certainly didnt forget, but damn i love that band.

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