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So I finally got my hands on the damn thing, and it was well worth the wait. tungsten outdid himself with this, the sound is fantastic and the mixes are great. I'd like to thank Pablo for dropping it off last night (you can't beat service like that!), can't wait for Saturday...

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all i can say about this is yay vegas!

this disc lit up my ears so hot that i needed to douse myself.

lucky for me that the car ride was done at that precise time. my brain'd need the hoover dam to power much more.

so enough with the dorky play on words and recording programs...

dig it. thanks for the great live album and i can't wait till the album.

Nero/tungsten: i'd love to be a gopher or photographer/writer some day you're working on the album if you'd appreciate the effort.

drop a line. 519.433.1733

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