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Neil ACC Pics and Review


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I sat a couple of rows behind secondtube and watched all of the action go down. I thought it was pretty funny myself.

Highlights of the show would have to be the Sedan Delivery...I love Neil's mountain funk. Its great to see him form that "sound triangle" with Crazy Horse. I've seen Neil play with a lot of bands but its all about the Horse.

This show was a lot stronger than the previous show in the spring. Not just because of the encore but also because Greendale is now established. It's no longer a work in progree. I found Neil didn't go into all of the narration this time to ensure that he would have time for a nice long encore. He left alot of his American commentary out of the show this time. I found myself covered in goosebumps more than once during the Greendale performance.

Hey Mr. Clean you're dirty now too!

And then the encore...

I love Sedan - i didn't think i was going to have a voice this morning after all of the shouting and woo hoo's i let out.

DBTR was short and standard but really who doesn't love this song.

Prisoners of Rock n' Roll - wow, what a great song from such a crappy album.

I think the highlight between the two shows would have been the first time in Toronto when they played Hey Hey My My, much stronger and longer than what they played last night. I was glad we didn't get stuck with another Love and Only Love, i found it very slow and not the way I wanted him to end the show last time.

But I loved the Fuckin' Up jam at the end of the encore to close it out last night. I love flipin' off Poncho during this song.

All and All a way better performance than the last time they played in TO.

I also think that Sun Green is one good looking lady.

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I loathe people like that woman. First of all, where does she get off speaking for anyone but herself? "No one want to smell your drugs". Nonsense. Did she just step off a spaceship??? Running to get security - "Oh my God, there's a young hoodlum smoking god-knows-what in front of me! Who's thinking of the children???!?".

This woman may want to heed what happened to Maude Flanders and get off the fucking soapbox.

Imagine! Kids smoking joints at a rock concert! What *is* this world coming to???


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What else can i say about last night...I guess my biggest surprise, the crowd.

What a RESPECTFUL crowd. NO dumbass shouts, no screams between songs...absolutely beautiful.

I'm glad Q did their job advertising a Greendale show, as most people around me i talked to, knew Neil was going to play Greendale. Some even knew the lyrics to most of the songs from the cd.

Anyways, we hit some decent traffic on the way to Toronto, making Trevor wait for a bit...After eventually meeting up, we enjoyed a nice cold beer, and he was off to find M with his ticket.

We sat and enjoyed two or four more, then went it, just in time to miss Mrs. Harris. DOH!

Ahh well...i kinda heard the last bit of her set anyways...

Get this. A few minutes into the show i spark my Greendale Fatty, a two paper hash filled, 'green' cracker, and this lady behind me forcefully taps me on the shoulder and says "NO ONE around here wants to smell your drugs!!!"

I was speechless, i just turned around, and finished my joint. Fug that. I wasn't putting it out. Everyone around me was sparking up. Anyways, i made sure i kept the smoke well away from her...

Mid way through my cracker, she went to go and find security...they told her there was nothing they could do, except relocate her to different seats, but people would probably be pot smoking there too...

LoL. I just made sure i kept my smoke away from her....

Back to Greendale. You could definately tell Neil has played this album straight for awhile. A lot less inbetween song banter and commentary, a lot more technically brilliant playing...

I hit that 'spot', you know the spot where nothing else in the world matters, during Bandit. It was mindblowing and beautifully scerene at the same time...I've only ever hit that spot twice before, once during Big Cypress Midnight > Sunrise set, and once during the STella Blue from ALbany.

It was worth the whole show just to get that feeling again...

Once Neil and the Horse finished off the Greendale portion of the show, it was only just after 10. I figured, damn, we still have an hour and a half to go!!!!!!

Visions of the triple encore, eight song melee from two or three weeks ago, was going through my head...Opened up with a five song first encore, then a two song second encore...Seven encore songs blew my mind...Ended just before 11, almost a 55 minute encore...

If i can remember the encore songs they where (in no perticular order)

Cinnimon Girl

Down By the River

Hey Hey My My


Fuck Up

Sedan Delivery !!!!! (a first for me)

I guess i'm missing one more...maybe someone will remember...

anyways about the songs, Down By the River was great...tons of energy...Powderfinger was a treat as well...Sedan Delivery was probably my favorite, or the Fucking Up. Neil played that one to a Tee. I believe he closed with that one...

Overall, the Greendale portion of this show was played much better than the last time he was around, and the encore was at least as good, if not better...

THANK YOU MR NEIL YOUNG. you continue to kick my ass!






The Pics didn't turn out that great, but i was 20 rows back...

I'm actually kinda surprised how good some of them did turn out. Also, a little FYI, i had some security hassle me for taking pics during the Greendale portion of the show because I think they are documenting that show for further release...There was two sliding camera on the on rails at the front of the stage, as well as lots of on stage cameras...last the time on stage cameras were being used for props as part of the Greendale media, but this time they were actually plugged in, and being used...

Hopefully Neil uses this Toronto show as a DVD release...that would be fantastic!

And of course, the rest of my pics from last night, and others, can be found at Second Tubes Photo Page

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Wow dude, that's a pretty crazy story about the cranky lady behind you. I love how the security chose to deal with the complaint!

Get lost lady, it's a Neil Young concert, and yes everyone DOES want to smell your drugs. Especially a tastey smelling salad, with a mixture of black and green. I can smell it in my mind now, and it smells good! [big Grin]

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I think that you handled that woman fine. If you respectivly tried to keep the exhale away from her what else can she really ask for. Really. Where did she think she was?

Out side, I do remember seeing soooo many people lighting up before they went in. Lots of folks in their forties and fifties too. Very blatant and unafraid. It was quite the remarkable sight.

Boy, some of those new songs are great. I love that Mr. Clean one.

The other song in the encore that you missed was "Prisoners of Rock and Roll"

On last thing, Neil totally ficked us off. Did you remember that he was playing "Rust Never Sleeps" on the screen. I AM SURE THAT HE DID THAT BECAUSE OF BAD REVIEWS IN T.O. LAST TIME. I would bet money that he did that for all the people who wanted to only see the olds stuff. He just said "you want to see the old stuff, HERE"S THE FUCKING FILM"

I really think he was laughing at us.

Oh well , can you blame him. I saw him both nights in Red Rocks and they sure treated his new stuff way more energeniclly than Toronto did.

At least he didn't skimp with the actuall playing.

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actually, Neil did the Rust Never Sleeps thing last time he was in Toronto, too...pretty sure its part of the whole shindig....anyways, secondtube, i wish i was sitting where you were, cuz all i heard all night was "shut up Neil! Enough of this Shit! Take us back!!"...very disheartening, cuz i am huge greendale fan...sound wasnt good where we were, either, and it seemed a lot louder at the first T.O. show....but all in all, it was good to see him stick to his guns with Greendale, i agree, the playing seemed a lot tighter, and as much as i liked the inter-song banter from before, it was good to just hear the songs. the encore was great. a few of the choices made me giggle...such as Prisoners of Rock N Roll and Fuckin' Up...i mean, we all know what he was saying to the crowd...and nothin beats closing a night with the soft words of "im just a fuck up"...way to go Neil! but truly, for me, Bandits was absolutely beautiful, and Down By The River made my night, because i really didnt expect it. good times, for sure...

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