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if ANYONE finds ANYTHING funnier on the net


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That's amore

That's a whore-ay

Suck my dick in all it's glor-ay

It's only 3 inches but that's ok

You can fit it in your throat piece

And you don't have to worry about anything

It's a nice




And you know what?

It's all yours for the small price of $29.99

So let's go do some lines....

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I can't top it and i haven't seen this video, but my co-worker, who enjoys celebrity gossip, has sent me a website link called www.abstracts.net. It's gosisp and rumours about celebrities, which I find about as amusing as a kick in the face.

What IS amusing is the message boards, and I've now registered myself as NotThatInnocent, with the intention of blowing my afternoon posting creative rumours in the Britney Spears forum. Check it out y'all.

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nice! I really love that kid actually. I've seen him on Kimmel a few times, and his specialty is definitley interviewing stars on the red carpet.. the best one I saw he asked Denise Richardson (wild things chick) if she found it a real stretch playing someone intellingent in her new movie. She had no idea what to say- hilarious.

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Originally posted by Thorgnor:

Duckets are dollars dude. You didn't catch that from the topics?

I see....well, not really but whatever.

Did anyone else catch the "That don't mean I am a Jew" bit...Frickin anti-semite....I am gonna kick his ass. But then later he says he wants to be a jew like Sammy Davis Jr. Kid is schizo.

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