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Has anyone seen a heady Bobblehead Lobster?


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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

I heard a really effed up story last nite at Phil's... and it goes a little somthin'like this... [Frown] A dirty hippy stole the bobble head after trying to feed it to his SARS having dog. [Eek!] He means no harm... [Confused] I promise! Jordan knows him so I'll make venture into the hippy click and try to James Bond that shit back into the hands of it's rightful owner... the one and only, no-holds barred party aminal, Qu'est-ce que c'est? [Cool]

I'm not sure that I can confirm the source... because I don't know who it was... I was maddddd given'r. [big Grin]

Damn the Police and their drinking games! [Eek!] Everytime I type "Put on the red light" you take a hefty slug of To-kill-ya!

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d'oh! i guess its my fault for leaving without him... oh well. hopefully he'll turn up at some heady jam event in the future...

for his new owner: his name is smokey, but responds to just about anything by nodding his head. he is very agreeable, loves car rides and doesn't eat much. dont be fooled by his lobster-like appearance, he prefers to stay dry. But, heres the kicker... if you remove his head, his body/thorax doubles as a small beer stein, or large shotglass... enjoy responsibly.

thanks ian, did you bring the tarp?

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