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Ontario (Schwa only) Goes to Hookah 2003!!!!


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OK people, everyone here has heard backbacon, myself and several other of the Chatham crew raving about this band that no one has ever seen. Yes, I am talking about ekoostik Hookah. Well now is your chance and I, hopefully with the help of backbacon (are ya up for it?) and a few of my American counterparts will make this an exodus of mass proportions. They are playing in Detroit on October the 30th. Its a Thursday night which may hinder the participation a wee bit but i know you've all got it in you.

I propose that we (the Ontarians) travel down to Detroit to see these guys and let them know what we (the Ontarians) are all about! I know that there have been numerous attempts at trying to get these guys up here to play in Canada but they are reluctant for a number of reasons.

This message goes out months before the event because i am dead serious about getting A LOT of people out for this show. So ponder it and download a show here and listen for yourself, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!! ekoostik Hookah is one of the best kept secrets in our music scene today and i for one am tired of one of my favourite bands going so unnoticed up here.

More information to come........

"Funny how it makes me feel like I'll be young forever.

Land of Never - Never.

There's nothing wrong with one who tries

To see beyond his own two eyes

To cleanse the mind and purify"

-Dave Katz

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Swell idea Schwativa. Yeah, They are playing at the Majectic Theater for the first time I think it might be. This is where houdini died for all you trivia buffs. I'm sure they'll rock the place! Y'all have lots of notice to take work off! Mark T.. you're free that day aren't you? [smile] I can call your bosses for you if you would like.

I just finished up my hookahville review. Here's a snipit:

"It was time for the first special guest of the evening! None other than ‘The Man’ Steve Kimock! First it was 'Treasures That I Travel For.' A nice enough song, but I doubt that’s what people are going to remember about Kimock’s guest appearance ten years from now. It's going to be the song that followed, 'Life is Good.' Life is good? Life is GREAT is more like it! I rarely use the term, but the interplay between the two Steves – Kimock and Sweney (now commonly referred to as ‘Steve Swemock’) on Life is Good was SICK!!!! I knew something special was in store after seeing Kimock perform the same song with hookah at last summer’s Jerry Bash. It started out innocently enough with Cliff’s bass line; I turned and said to my pal, TeeSee, who was at the Jerry Bash with me too, “uh-oh, we’re in for it, man!” Nothing compares to the version we were treated to at this fall’s Hookahville!! Dueling back and forth, finishing guitar lines for each other, playing over one another with such intensity I was astonished their guitars did not burst into flames!!! I pictured the Steves backstage after the show with buckets of ice, soothing the third-degree burns their hands suffered from the absolutely blistering display they put on. You could really tell they were enjoying themselves too; they knew there was something special going on. No doubt in the top three musical highlights of my life!! Well, I think you all get the point… so I’ll move on."

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Originally posted by Schwa.:

I'd rather reach and maybe miss

See, thats the beauty of the risk.

I'll drive your ass there Esau!

Cheers,then I am in.

ps.Now alls I need is a turtle neck sweater..... [Eek!] .....and when & where do I get a ticket?

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Don't worry about the ticket now greg, it's not for a couple of months but let me tell you..... i just got a sneak preview of the hookahville xx review and have never been so jealous/sad in my life. this past year was the first summer in 5 years that i haven't made a hookahville. It just so happens that i miss the BEST SHOW EVER!!! i am a huge Kimock fan and would have given my left foot to be able to experience some of the music that went on there. He is a genius, plain and simple. Sweet review Ker, everyone check it out when you get the chance.

PS E13, glad to see the old avatar [Wink]

I just had a funny thought. What if we were able to get enough skanks to the show at the Majestic that we could do some sort of "flash mob" thing where we all start to sing the Canadian National Anthem or something like that. Man, this could be fun.

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I’d just like to say, for the record, that I saw Hookah for the first time back in ’97 and was soo impressed, I bought every album they had at their merch table!

They put on a fun, high-energy, rockin’ show. Two thumbs up!

That being said, I’m not allowed to go to Detroit on school nights. Thumbs down!

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