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MK lands in London


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Okay - I'm here, in London...trying to make friends...first thing I see on TV is Canned Beats on Speaker's Corner saying how apathetic the town is - no arts, no culture, blah, blah...guess he's never lived in K/W...Beats, if you're out there gimmie a shout...639-7890...schwa, whore, kung, tonin call me! I'm lonely! no internet yet and starting an internship at Roger's TV tomorrow...knee-deep in it already...yikes!

Londoners let me know what's up when it's up...peace! 639-7890 [Confused]

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wow. the fall brings hope.

all summer i've been udderly stressed out. i thought i'd end up mooooo ving (sorry...had to say it) - no job, no girl, no ambition, nothing to record music on, i was feeling like a lump of shit. hard black pancreatic illness shit.

still no girl and not much to record on, but i got a job and i'm happy finally. i'll have to drop a line soon. I think we should try to get the london skank crew together soon. i might be heading to toronto tomorrow(today actually) but we'll have to see....funk night? the office on friday?? saturday for dj ruckus? let's try to get more community happening.

so i said the fall brings hope...the end of summer has so often brought new life to the things i'm doing whether it's new friends, a new direction in school(no more for me) or new insight.

i've got friends coming back into town, new advantages, and more ideas.

I think there's a big chance to get this town pumpin!

any thoughts?

i have one: let's get another jamband venue. i say try to coerce stonehenge into getting some groove. i was there last night(monday) for the open stage. the lounge is really nice. they have more of a set up for live music. stonehenge bar is awesome. way bigger and a huge tv screen with video cameras to film and show the band. rockin system. it's not dirty like the office or out of the way like gravity, and it's not just a chill place. it's got high ceilings and sounds great.

not to say bacchus sucks but there's more potential in london than that imo

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yo bro...

i just moved here too bout 2 weeks (3 weeks??) ago. still adjusting. but i still have some beer money left [smile]

think i'm going to book it up to hammertown tonight for blue quarter with a girl from school.

hope to meet some more dirty skancs!


give me a shout sometime 858 0202

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people want me to go back there this upcoming week. it's a good open mike. the loung is only open, not the bar right now. it's reopening at the end of the month. if we get the crowd out there we'll be able to book acts i'd bet.

the stonehenge lounge is chill with a small recessed dance floor. could be a rad place to party.


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Hey MK, hope things are well in London. This L-town has a little less excitement.

I made you the captain of my foosball team... you play centre, flanked on the left by cheech and chong, and on the right by gouda and feta. Me, myself, and Hunsberger are your strikers... any suggestions on who might play a good D? BTW, we are currently league champions, but with only one other team, headed by stony tony, its an easy title to hold. See you in the Finals.

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