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Blue Quarter's 'en*trance' CD

Guest Low Roller

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Roller: Check with dave-O, too: we hooked my stealth mics to his MD after TG's went down. I don't know how much we got (2.5 MDs, maybe?) or how good it was (the mics were taped about head-height to a PA speaker cable, really close to the front of the left [Lauzon] side of the stage).



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A few more notes...

We captured close to 3 hours worth of music.

The mix of instruments was good, despite mic location.

We did, however, capture plenty of tungsten/brad/dave mushy troubleshooting.

About half way through we lost the right mic. But this was easily fixable (thanks Soundforge).

This won't result in a trade-able show, but there are plenty of quality snippets.

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yeah I've got bits and pieces but i'm not sure at this point if it's my recorder or the tapes or what...the first tape shows up as blank(damn) and the other couple stutter/stop at points...

One disc shows 50 mins but stops at 30 mins, sounds good for what's there.

I imagine the mushy troubleshooting sounds hilarious, there's one part i've got where a girl is yelling at another girl to lend her 4 bucks for a drink so she can go hit on a guy....hehehe

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