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Goin' to Oz


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I am leaving tomorrow morning for my long adventure to Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. I have had a great summer here in Ontario and on this board. Thank you all for making my workday so much more interesting. Good luck to everyone in their new jobs, relationships and school years. Boogie hard for me, cause there ain;t much good music where I am gonna be. I'll send pictures of me trying to surf so you all can laugh. But I'll have the last laugh because I'll be on a beach in January.

Much love....TR

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Hey man - have a great time! I spent a year in Oz and would return the second I have the money.

And there's lot's of great music there too!

If you make it to the end of the great Ocean road go to Portland, and go to the Portland Backpackers (I started it with my ex - Mark (aka Bummer) - he'll show you some great surf spots. Tell him Lisa from Canada sent you!

Have a blast - and let us know how things go!

Sunnydays -

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