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John Ritter Dead At 54


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I'm quite shocked right now. I've always liked John. I'm not really a fan of Three's Company any more, but when I was a kid in the 70's, John's brand of physical comedy was refreshing.

John was good in the movies like Sling Blade and he played a really creepy robot on Buffy The Vampire Slayer a few years back - a memorable role I must say. Just last week I watched John do his best in a truly dreadful and recent movie called Tadpole; at least John was good in it. I think his career was beginning to take off once again, with a new fall series on ABC and a co-starring role in the upcoming Terry Zwigoff ( director of Crumb and Ghost World ) anti-Christmas movie, Bad Santa.

Rest in peace John. You did your late great father Tex Ritter proud. Thanks for the laughs.

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That was one hell of a shocker today.

Of all the actors out there, John Ritter always stood out. I've been seeing a few Three's Company's on TV lately, and getting a laugh at how young John was in it.

There was a movie he was in called "Noises Off" that was a great showcase for his talent.

I guess he's off to the great Regal Beagle in the sky.

Thanks for the laughs John...

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Thank you fretman.

I hadnt thought of that movie in years..........

Heck, I havent seen it in even longer, and I thought it was a riot when I first saw it. Dont know what I would think now.

"Bang, bang bang!"

Watching John Ritter shoot his 'fake' gun just popped in my head.

I grew up on John, and loved his use of physical humour.

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