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I just came across this band while looking through the Hugh's Room calendar and thought they were pretty awesome.. Afrissippi. Equal parts West African blues/afro-beat and Mississippi delta blues. Like a cross between Ali Farka Toure and RL Burnside. Check out their MySpace for a few nice samples.


May 9 - Freddytown - James Joyce Pub

May 17 - Montreal - Kola Note

May 18 - Wakefield - Black Sheep

May 21 - The Hammer - PJC

May 22 - Toronto - Hugh's


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Damn... These guys had a big 20+ show tour booked. I love the tunes on their MySpace and was really looking forward to checking them out. From their MySpace:

AFRISSIPPI forced to cancel tour because of visa

Afrissippi was forced to cancel its May 2008 tour because the Canadian Government denied our singer, Guelel Kumba's, visa application for entry into the country. As a result we are heartbroken to report the cancellation of the entire tour including dates in Boston, New York, Burlington Vermont, Hartford Connecticut, and Washington DC. We are currently rescheduling the U.S. dates for mid Fall 2008 so keep checking here for updates.

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yays, a really interesting sounding band... love the way the mix sounds between tribal african rythyms/vocals and southern delta blues

were also supposed to play pepperjacks next wednesday but it got cancelled (first I heard it was because of the singers visa... is it tougher for african folk to get into canada than the states?)

glad I'm aware of them anyways... check some of the songs of their myspace, some cool shlit


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