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Is Canada worth Dying For??


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Is Canada Worth Dying For??

This article asked a crucial question. I ask more.

With Globalization a reality and Canada embracing it and other external political interests now and obviously for decades, what are our options to stay afloat with few repercussions?

Will voting with our money work or will it bankrupt individuals?

Will voting with our democratic rights work or are our leaders all a part of a predetermined group?

Is it important to keep in mind the strength of Canadian Banks and the power of the international banking cartel?

Should 'conspiracies' like those in the previous question be brought to light to inspire discussion?

Instead of getting people thinking, do they serve to confuse the issue (or make the story just long enough to keep Canadians disinterested)?

What qualities still hold true to Canada and Canadians that are worth fighting for, dying for, and upholding? Were any of these qualities ever worth sacrifice?

Is Canada just a place for immigrants and refugees? Why do Canadians have fewer children if this is such a truly majestic place?

Does Canada have the ability to be self-sufficient? Do Candians want to be self-sufficient? Why would that be important to Canadians?

Why Do Average Canadians fight for Partisan Politics and not for the strength of their social and economic systems, and communities?

Presuming the previous question has a solid foundation, What steps do Canadians need to take in order to make society and economy condusive to speaking out and taking chances?

Is the position that can be drawn from these questions together entirely wrong?

Are we a nation divided?

Are we a nation that has bought its way into political and social slavery with no hope or interest in getting out?

Would this nation's peoples stand up to its elected and civil authority in the face of oppression and injustice?

Has the news turned into a form of cathartic entertainment?

Where should I turn to reverse these views??

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Same old bullshit??
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But of course!

I came on to delete much of that post but on looking at it again, someone might have something else to add to this to make it entirely worthwhile.

Hal - You entirely redeemed this thread from what it could have been and in the first post at that!!

I don't what this to be entirely gloomy. I hope someone can lead me to believe that Canada is worth dying for.

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It's only interesting to me because it serves to align those around you with the country in which they live.

What if you, your neighbour, and all of your neighbours' neighbours were willing to die for each other but not for their country?

What does that word mean to YOU?

Is it merely a people, or is it geography?

is it the system set in place for peoples within a certain geography??

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Why Do Average Canadians fight for Partisan Politics and not for the strength of their social and economic systems, and communities?

i dont accept the premise of this question. one, i do not think average Canadians "fight for partisan politics" - yes, some are actively involved in campaigning, but to most its just a pasttime, worthy of lively debate and eventual, but reluctant, acceptance that our political options are quite limited. ... but lets hope that the Green Party becomes seen as a viable alternative to all three dominant parties, vis a vis various specific issues (Greens are fiscally conservative, promote social welfare, and advance stewardship of the environment)

and two, i do think that Canadians fight for the strength of their communities via participation in local health, sports and religious organizations. a great many more people are involved in these sorts of activities than are involved in politiking.

honestly, im baffled as to how anyone could fight for the strength of their economic system, other that simply using their dollars to make various statements, like buying locally, supporting (or not) unions, never using credit cards, etc. that's such an abstract concept that i dont think is worth debating without grounding it with specific examples.

that's why i did find birdy's comment interesting. it took a complex issue out of the abstract and into the concrete. to debate the concepts in isolation is a pissing match.

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in terms of "canada" as a piece of earth and its resources belonging to us, i don't think so, although i hadn't thought about it too much. but "canada" and what it represents in freedom and justice, yes.

i mean, if it was a matter of the taliban taking us over or not, then definitely.

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