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Anyone ever been to MIAC?


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NAAM seems AWESOME! MIAC was pretty cool though. It's the largest event in Canada, NAAM seems HUGE, there's another event in Germany as well that's supposed to be as big.

There were around 100 vendors at MIAC with all the newest product, and I hung out with the president of Yamaha Canada for a solid hour discussing shop.

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MIAC is shit compared to NAMM...not even a comparison but; it is still a room (or 2 or 3) filled with gear so its fun...but NAMM is 1' date='000,000 times bigger and better and more fun...

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D [/quote']

has giggles ever changed his avatar since 2001 ???


No, Giggles hasn't but look at fashion; its all a rewind to 10 years ago...pretty soon all you guys will be looking for those sweet vintage ava's and then who's gonna look silly...

And yup, Musikmesse is big in Germany, but if you want BIG; China has the Grandaddy of em all......

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D

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