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Prince Jams with duo Stereofox


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Prince Jams with Stereofox at the Green Door in L.A. Boy would I love to hear this. Read the description by one of the band members. Imagine this happening to your band.

So I get this tap on my shoulder and turn to see this very pretty young lady. I chin up and attempt a sly grin like I do - she asks “Would your band mind letting Prince sit in for a tune?” Jaw on the floor, I am like “I’m sorry?” Turns out he had been there and seen some of our set and wanted to jam on a cover with us. It was like when you get a gold star in kindergarten - you know you did something right but your not sure what, and you feel that sensation of not-the-short-bus kind of “I’m special.”

Steve Riolo added this: We were about 2 minutes into the song when Josh walked over to me and told me that Prince wanted to play my guitar. Shortly after that, I saw him off to my left, throwing on some dark sunglasses and walking toward me. I felt a sudden jolt of…something…maybe it was shock…what had started out as a rumor 20 minutes prior was now a stark reality. Prince was standing next to me and about to play with my band! I took off my guitar and handed it over to him…he asked what key we were in…I told him and then stepped out of the way, watching in a sort of mesmerized awe as he sat down on my amp and started jamming with the boys. All I could do was smile. It was an unforgettable surreal experience.

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hahah... my imeem prince buddy!

we've recently unpacked all of my vinyl and I think prince takes up a whopping 10 percent or more of the collection. He put out lots of vinyl.

I should add more stuff to my imeem profile and share. I haven't used that site in a while. I can't believe that all the prince I put up previously has not been taken down.

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Darling Nikki is one of his greatest vocal performances. There is nothing like it. I don't even think there is an influence out there. Pure Prince.

i'm going to add some Minneapolis Genius...

I haven't listened to that in a while, but it's a bunch of prince demos from the 70's. Every instrument is Prince.

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