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Black Crowes summer 08 nugscast

Kanada Kev

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Always like listening to the nugscasts from http://nugs.net The latest is all covers by the Black Crowes from this summer:


Under the Covers with The Black Crowes: on their Summer 2008 Tour, The Black Crowes have covered everyone from Dylan to The Band to Clapton. Here are some of my favorites. You can order CDs and downloads of all these Black Crowes shows at LiveBlackCrowes.com


Cold Rain & Snow 0:00

The Black Crowes: 7/30/08 Cleveland, OH

Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos 6:18

The Black Crowes: 7/22/08 Kansas City, MO

I Don't Know Why 12:55

The Black Crowes: 7/12/08 Toronto, ONT

Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) 17:48

The Black Crowes: 8/8/08 Columbus, OH

Never Ending Song of Love 24:44

The Black Crowes: 7/26/08 Elizabeth, IN

You Don't Miss Your Water 27:59

The Black Crowes: 7/3/08 Philadelphia, PA

Willin' 34:56

The Black Crowes: 8/8/08 Columbus, OH

Long Black Veil 40:00

The Black Crowes: 7/1/08 Philadelphia, PA

Ohio 44:58

The Black Crowes: 7/30/08 Cleveland, OH

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 49:31

The Black Crowes: 6/29/08 Hampton Beach, NH

Rockin' Chair 54:55

The Black Crowes: 8/15/08 Council Bluffs, IA

Sing Me Back Home 59:37

The Black Crowes: 7/23/08 Tulsa, OK

Girl From North Country 63:56

The Black Crowes: 7/2/08 Philadelphia, PA

Quinn The Eskimo 72:01

The Black Crowes: 7/5/08 Charlottesville, VA

Hard To Handle 77:16

The Black Crowes: 7/23/08 Tulsa, OK

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