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Scramble intersection in Toronto


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whoa, is this what I think it is? A portion of the light dedicated to those who wish not to pollute or to get some exercise?

I love it. I don't like most drivers, being a pedestrian 90% of the time and even when I do get to cross the road I am still often fighting the cars that are turning (and therefore crossing my path), who also often honk their horns at me (though this usually only happens when the weather is absolutely terrible, it's pure hell to be walking and the person honking the horn is in their car all warm and comfortable with good music going and with the knowledge that they will be at their destination soon and won't have to get absolutely soaked or freezing cold on the way...).

It's an especially great thing for baby carriers/pushers. One thing many people have a very, very bad habbit of doing is to turn their wheels when entering an intersection and preparing to turn left. The reason it's bad is that if someone rear ends them hard, with wheels turned they will either head straight into oncoming traffic or will hit the pedestrians trying to cross the street (like mom's with baby strollers and such). Wheels straight and you get hit, you simply head to the other end of intersection without entering incoming traffic or endangering the lives of others. This intersection thing solves that because no car can enter the intersection. Woo hooo!!!

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