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Im Hiring One Person...


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hopefully i can get a Skank from here, cuz i figure then at least we will have something to talk about, you know, common ground.

the Job is General Labour, its actually very easy once you get the hang of it. , you'd be my helper. you'd be working with Pink Insulation, i provide masks and tools, you provide gloves+workboots, and tools if youve got a toolbelt/hammer tacker/Xacto knife.

we get up around 430, ill pick you up around 5 or 530, drive to burlington to load up and get the days assignments, and we work until the truck is empty. usually 6-8 hrs, sometimes less, very rarely more. the pay is 80 cash a day to try you out for a few days, if you can hack it, we will register your own business name+ GST#, and you can do your own taxes that way, so you can write off anything related to work, clothes, food, tools etc.

pretty much, the harder you work, if you turn out to be a good worker, the pay is there, you just need to prove yourself, shit. i started this gig 3 yrs ago at 60 a day for the first 3 days, then 80 for a few weeks, then 100/day for 2 yrs, then 120-130, depending on how much insulation we install, and how many new tasks/skills you can learn.

so, if you are lookin for work, and are a hard worker, reliable, and living in the hamilton/burlington area, drop me a line, 905-928 5386, or email me martinaudioproductsATgmail

or PM me on here, whatever works for you.


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