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Kevin Breit's Last Monday Night Gig?


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The damn line-up nearly hit "Soundscapes" last night as I rolled in far too late to even attempt getting in the door with that many folks in the way...I'm on the guest list for the Euclid too as I'm making a bass for Ian and an f-style mando for Kevin...

I'll be speaking with Ian today to see whats up...unfortunately if you read the website of the "Outlanders" band, they seem to have Mondays at The Orbit until January 10'...YIKES!!!

Gawpo Giggles :(:(:(

-I feel sorry for ANY band stuck jumping into those shoes...it'd be like a toddler trying to slip into a pair of Shaq's sneakers...

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When we chatted with Kevin while he was in Wakefield, he mentioned that this might be happening. This might mean he's moving to Montreal, which would be great for us Ottawa folk, but so sad for the Sister's, the Orbit Room and the people of Toronto.

Don't take my word for anything though. I might be totally wrong.

Sorry for your loss Toronto. That sucks for sure.

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Finally got some time to spend with Kevin yesterday and got to ask him about the final Monday...

Simply put, he felt he was still able to hold his head high and walk out after 13yrs of killing it at the Orbit...he said it was entirely his call and he made it and is happy with it...

Euclid will still be playing and Kevin will still be a native of the horseshoe, so no need to worry Toronto folk; he's all ours...

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D

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