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Thom Yorke solo gig!

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Sorry for getting some people massively excited because it won't be anywhere near us, but for those soundbyte collectors out there this is truly news to rejoice to:

Thom Yorke-- patron saint of the disaffected masses-- is set to play a rare solo set at this year's Latitude Festival in Southwold, England on Sunday, July 19. But attendees will have to get up pretty early to catch the star, since he's due to take the fest's Obelisk stage at noon. Noon! On the last day of a four-day festival! That's just cruel, Latitude programmers. Then again, hangover cures don't come more angel-voiced than this.

The Latitude Fest goes down July 16-19 and also features Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Spiritualized, Bat for Lashes, Passion Pit, Pet Shop Boys, and more. Meanwhile, Yorke will rejoin his band mates for five proper Radiohead gigs this August, including stops at Leeds, Reading, and Frequency. All current Radiohead dates are at their site.

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Guest Low Roller

Thom Yorke

Latitude Festival, Suffolk UK

July 19th, 2009


01 The Eraser*

02 Weird Fishes/Argpeggi

03 Atoms For Peace*

04 Harrowdown Hill* (at the end of the song: “I’ll Be Your Bitchâ€)

05 Follow Me Around (â€One that’s on the shelf and never made it off. Did you like that? Good! It’s on YouTube nowâ€)

06 Everything In Its Right Place

07 The Present Tense** (â€A New song, so you know, go for a pissâ€)

08 Cymbal Rush

09 Black Swan* (Not too confident about his guitar loops: “It’ll be a miracle if this worksâ€

10 Videotape


11 There There (â€Anyone see Grace Jones? I want those costume changes. G-string. Is that a good idea?â€)

12 True Love Waits (â€This is another song that fell off the shelf once…and it’s still thereâ€)

* First time played live

** New song

YouTube vids and soundboards are surfacing.

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Guest Low Roller

You know it!

So far Harrowdown Hill and True Love Waits are available in soundboard format. I'm waiting for some bootlegs to surface... can't be long.

I posted some YouTube videos here.

It's definitely interesting to hear the Eraser tracks done live rather than the electronica format on the album. It definitely lends more ammo to the argument that the album should have been more instrumental less electronic. Black Swan is an amazing song either way though, so it don't really matter.

Thom sounds in high spirits but perhaps a little rusty and nervous in certain places playing his songs. Still a fun listen.

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Guest Low Roller

Like I said, only two songs are up on soundboard: Harrowdown Hill and True Love Waits. You can find them near the bottom of this page. There is also a KILLER video of the new song Present Tense available in the Videos forum.

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Guest Low Roller

First boot

No idea about quality, will listen to it later.

EDIT: Audience recording. Some encoding errors and high bass, but otherwise a perfectly acceptable VG recording of the show. I won't be upgrading until a soundboard comes up.

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