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Greatest Pick Up Lines

Northern Wish

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Lay em down here. Either something you have used or something thrown your way. Forego the ones that everyone seems to know:

"Nice legs, when do they open?"

On Friday night out at the Heart and Crown dancing to a bad cover band (good band, bad covers) two gorgeous girls start grinding me, obviously coked out of their minds and I get:

"You're cute. I'd love to rape you in the dark later on......"

Whoa, what do you even say to that?!

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Three girls standing behind me and chatting. One of them comes up and says "We were discussing it, and we all decided that you have a great ass." An obvious lie, because I have a very skinny non-existant ass. I've always wondered if the same line would work if I turned it around on a girl. You like my face, not my butt. Let's be honest with each other.

Most of the time I find girls just say "come dance with me", which is cool and totally better than the creative bullshit that guys try to come up with. There's something magic about dancing.

RE: "I'd like to rape you in the dark". Umm. Shit. Whoa. I'd probably bail, but I guess it would depend on how many drinks I'd had.

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