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Sirius iPhone app Question

afro poppa

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US only, taboot.

the app download is officially US only. we get nailed all the time with that bullshit. I'm pretty sure though that if you want to jailbreak your phone, you'll have no problems getting a portable sirius account.

I have one of them portable sirius devices that connects to the satellite, but the battery life sucks dick. I like that i can save 5 days of stern, but even with that, I don't have the time to listen to everything.

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US only iTunes subscription to get the App and then you also need a US based Sirius subscription to use the app. Oh and btw Stern is not available on the iPhone app. Licensing rights or some other BS.

I listed to Sirius everyday in my office via my HTC Touch and Bell's $7 Unlimited Mobile Browsing Plan. No it's not an iPhone but it also costs a lot less. I do listen to Stern.

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