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What ever happened to Mike Bullard?


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Pretty sure I'm the only person in the world wondering about such a thing.

Actually, just checked his site and it says "Currently Mike is in development of a game show for divorced people called "Alimoney" and signed a co-production deal for the show with Just for Laughs in conjunction with Jack Ruby Productions."

That doesn't sound very promising. Sorry dude.

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He was always FAIL

Yeah, I've never liked his stuff. I remember thinking about 'Open Mike' that the way that he interacted with his audience was more uncomfortable than entertaining. Bordering on the abusive in fact. I wasn't sure why I'd started thinking about him, but then realized it was because I'd watched a Trailer Park Boys rerun (Ricky: "What the fuck? Julian, it must be the fumes. I'm hallucinating, man! Looks like Bubbles has got wings on his back and he's strangling Mike Bullard!")

I was sorta expecting that maybe there had been a scandal or something that explained how he went from being everywhere to not being visible at all.

You know who could probably pull off a Canadian talk show? Brent Butt.

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I just heard Bullard on The Debaters on CBC. He was frankly embarrassing, wholly unprepared and with little understanding of the concept of the show.

He always thought of himself as a good improvisor. As an ex-cop it makes sense that he has little self-awareness and has a pretty high opinion of his abilities.

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Guest Low Roller

He was terrible. The fact that his show lasted as long as it did is a testament to the poor quality of Canadian programming at the time.

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he seemed like a nice enough guy who you couldnt help but kinda root for, but i never got what anyone saw in him.

This makes me think he was the answer in the search for a definitive/representative Canadian entertainer. Then when they found him, no one was impressed...typical. Call it, "Canadian Dying Star Search" Starts off a little dim then fizzles out altogether.


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