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The Dead and Friends 2/14/3 Disc 1 download


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The Dead- Valentines Day

Valentines Day Benefit Concert for Rex, Further, and Unbroken Chain Foundations

@ the Warfield, San Francisco, CA

The Dead and Friends 2/14/3

I Hell in a Bucket->Aiko Aiko, Lazy Lightning->Supplication, Loose Lucy,

Hard To Handle, Casey Jones->Cumberland Blues->Sugaree

II Eternity Jam->A Love Supreme->Looks Like Rain->Sitting on Top of the World->

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds->Born Cross Eyed->Help on the Way->Slipknot!->

Lovelight->Franklin's Tower

e Going Down The Road Feelin' Bad->Not Fade Away

Friend Notes (? is this correct?):

Sammy Hagar sang on Loose Lucy.

Warren Haynes played and sang on Hard To Handle, Sugaree, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,

and Slipknot! onward.

Joan Osbourne sang in Hard to Handle, Casey Jones, and Lovelight onward.

Michael Kang from Sting Cheese Incident played violin on Cumberland Blues,

and played electric guitar & sang during Sitting on Top of the World as well

as from Lovelight onward.

Sound path: AKG c1ooos (hypercardiod caps)->samson mixpad 4->vxpocket v2->

cooledit 2k (2352-byte boundary alignment, normalization for hunter, minor clip fixes

at end of show "climax" peak, two drops patched as detailed below)->shn via shn2k,

verified w/ shntool

Notes: Muchos kudos to Bob Clevenger (bobclevenger.com) for his assistance

in fixing some signal drops where the vxpocket cable came loose from the laptop!

The connector is fragile & easily disconnects, alas one of the downsides

to the vxpocket card. Bob had his deck (a pcm-m1) plugged into the headphone output

from the mixpad to his deck's analog input, which under careful inspection produced

a closely matching signal that was spliced into the empty locations.

The mix is rather monoaural due to the placement of the taper section.

Further, there is a lot of audience noise; low mic stand height is warfield policy.

Donate yer organs - you can't take 'em with you!



Converted to MP3 by steve@neteze.com - join the DIRF - "Do It Right Foundation"

"We know someone will turn it into an MP3 - let's get to it first and Do It

Right so we don't get crappy 128k MP3's in circulation!"

That said, support SHN format! If you convert to CDA, label your disc "from MP3"

and keep the source information. If your around Sonoma County or Sebastopol, drop

me an e-mail. Take the time - download and distribute SHN's if you can !!

MP3 Conversion: ->mkwACT->LAME 1.32 3.93MMX --alt-preset extreme VBR Quality 0 (highest)

128kbps to 320kbps VBR w/ checksums -> WinAMP to embed v1 and v2 ID tags

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