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New BnB tour dates (lotsa Kingston)

Phil McCraken

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08/05/01 "WILD ON WOLF" Wolf Island (near Kingston) Ontario Some type of festival...More soon....

08/08/01 {{AJ's Hangar ****UNOFFICIAL****, source-Pollstar}}}

08/09/01 Club Abstract Kitchener Ontario More soon....

08/11/01 Le Swimming Montreal Quebec

08/16/01 Red Dog Peterborough Ontario More soon....

08/17/01 TBA Toronto Ontario More soon....

08/18/01 "Big Bang Festival" Clinton New York More soon....

08/22/01 Tidal Pool St Andrews New Brunswick

08/24/01 EVOLVE Antigonish Nova Scotia Three days of live music and DJ's. We play Friday night and the festival goes on for the whole weekend. Last year was amazing and this year's gonna be even better... there's more at www.evolve2001.addr.com

09/12/01 AJ's Hangar Kingston Ontario

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