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Solstice Show - December 21st


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Jo Momma and Caution Jam will lite up the stage at the comfort zone, no telling exactly what will happen due to recent sightings and sit ins from various cool jam personas for Caution Jam, and Jo Momma re-igniting their recent sets with some new material. The evening will of course consist of additional things such as cheap beer, drum jam after sound check and in the setbreaks (be real guys if we have 10 drums a whackin while they play, all at various levels of talent, it can become a solo instrument). Caution Jam's recent habits of jamming with Jeff Healy and Burt Neilson's Jeff Heisholt, compounded with their recent re-surfacing of forgotten material and a few new ones for CJ like a wicked City's -> Wolfman's Brother (PhIsh - Duh wink.gif" border="0 ), the musical posibilities for their set are endless and it is totally worth checking out.

Before Caution Jam takes the stage Jo Momma will.. With recent experimentation into spacier drum & bass jams and new material showing up, they will definitely lay a foundation for the night.

But Even Before that The Drummers will no doubt be out in force, to call the evenings vibe, tribalistically. Bring your drums but be nice and don't play to loud when the band plays.. they can easily get lost in your beat if its not on. It doesn't matter if you aren't the worlds best Player, just that you come out and support a cool thing, and be a part of the party, learn something real in the age of technology and video games.

Make the vibe kick ass and you will have a good time.

December 21st

Comfort Zone


2.50 drinks - 9-11

9$ pitchers all night (with reasonably priced keiths pitchers and pints just in case you like beer).

why the fuck not its free and its good music.

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