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Pocke Dweller.... (Zaphods SUCKS)


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So last night I braved the cold, the offensive $10 for 90 minutes cover charge and the deep burning hate I have for Zaphod's to see the Pocket Dwellers from Toronto.

This band was worth all the bullshit. Sweet jazzy grooves with a hiphop beat...They suffered from a very Galactic like Houseman syndrome. This rapper was pretty good in places, he definitely had some skills as evidenced by his team Canada freestyle solo. But the more he shut up.... the more I loved this band!

The band was made up of 2 sax players... one dedicated tenor, and one alto/soprano player. A crazy bass player who bounced up and down like a madman all set, a school of Scofield guitar player, very jazzy drummer and one monstrous (in style and stature) DJ. Any of you who know me will know that record rubbing does not impress me. Last night I was fucking impressed. A Logic esq.. type of presence...scratchy scratchy.... bring the beat down.... lower...lower... lower..... release it and the whole band comes in on the beat... some very cool fucking moments.

Unfortunately, as impressed with the jams as I was, there was a very strong odour of cheese coming from the stage. Any band that gratuitously uses their own name in their songs lacks a little bit of coolness in my eyes... but when you expect us to scream it back at you? I mean really, how Limp Bizkit of you!!

Cheesy antics and lyrics still couldn't take away from a very funky jazz inspired groove that had me grooving and cursing the Zaphod god for ending my fun at 11.... thank god for the Mercury...messy messy

I would love to see these guys play a couple of sets some night... Maybe soon

ps ZAPHODS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


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