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On the road........I need backbacon to respond

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Hey this is Jessica & Robb. We have very limited computer access during the next week and a half. We are in Clearwater, Florida getting ready to head to the Florida Keys and then to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We will be home on 3-31-02. We are sleeping on the beaches so no computer hookup. We need backbacon to respond asap.

Hash Bash - Ann Arbor, Michigan Saturday 4-5-02

Ekoostik Hookah and The Recipe team up to form

The Flying Hookah Villebillies.

Here is the lowdown on this show. Sweeney will not be playing at this show. Steve does not fly and will be enroute Jamaica via car/ship. From what we heard and Cliff kind of confirmed it when we saw him in Middletown, OH, this past weekend, it's gonna be a mixture of Hookah and The Recipe. We are praying for The Recipe to do a set by themselves. Also a Cliff (banjo), Hannah (fiddle) combination is very appealing for our bluegrass enjoyment.

I've got 26 tickets in rows 1, 2 & 3. I have set aside 6 tickets for you (Carrgo, Blair, Mud, Loleta and Jason). I need to know who will be there? Also, I have reserved 6 hotel rooms. The venue and Hash Bash are a short cab ride from the hotel.

Tickets are $25 per person, if you would like to stay at the hotel the price is $40 per person (includes ticket and room). Anyone from Canada is welcome to stay in the hotel rooms. It would be just $15 per person for the stay over (this doesn't guarantee a bed, only a room). Any extra money will be used to purchase "breakfast food" for the morning after.

Keri, the only way to reach us after Friday would be our cell phone (734) 765-5231.

Call anytime, we would love to talk to you.

Peace Through Music,

Jessica (a.k.a. American Nomadess)

Robb (a.k.a. American Nomad)

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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