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What a day,what a night...


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12 years ago yesterday was my first DEAD show in Buffalo and the last time I was sane [Eek!] Very hot,CSN was fun. Then the aliens came on. First det "High Time" and a ripping "Let it Grow". 2nd: "Sugar->Scarlet" "What the hell was THAT" ,"Phil me some Lovin'" was perma-smile and a nice "Brokedown" to send me to Deer Creek in which I had no choice in the matter! Anyway, I remember takin' some "Gorbachev" paper which the Wookie called "Gorbyblotts". Marty was so high he was purple in the face!!! CALM BLUE OCEAN CALM BLUE OCEAN.

Anyway, very fun day today as we trip and party every July 16th. As you might guess still have the saucers in my face and no more herb to calm down,just Xanax and Perks.

Do yourself a favour kind pholks and get the wonderful DSBD of it.

Gonna fall asleep to :DEAD AHEAD" now.....maybe.....

R.I.P reasoning

peace to y'all.you guys are phun... [Razz]

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