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NOV 18 @10pm

Pepper Jack's

38 King William Street



The daughter of Canadian rock guitarist David Wilcox and UK-based record producer Sadia Sadia, 26 year old Simon Wilcox began her work as a musician at the tender age of nineteen, long establishing herself as a performing and recording artist in her own right.

Having toured across the continent, as far north as Dawson City and as far south as Los Angeles, her music has captured the hearts and imaginations of many, further strengthening her reputation as both a talented songwriter & lyricist. Adding to Simon's many talents is her flair as a visual artist. Having studied fine art in Italy, England and Toronto, Simon's work has been exhibited both here and abroad. Proudly Canadian, Simon's grasp of the French language is impeccable

With the release of her debut album, Mongrel of Love in 2000, Simon garnered critical acclaim and substantial media coverage. Simon has also appeared as both a guest and featured vocalist on recordings by Ashley MacIsaac, The Pocket Dwellers, Kevin Hearn (of the Barenaked Ladies) to name a few. Listening to Simon's work for and with artists such as Three Days Grace, Bob Ezrin, Jorane, Projet Orange, Juliette Lewis and Randy Bachman, one is struck by her versatility and skill.

With her sophomore album, Smart Function, on her newly created record label, SHErecords, Simon wanted to reach more people and continue to explore songwriting. Hip-hop rhythms and syncopations hearkens the spirit of jazz and blues; lyrics of rare truth-telling set up an intimate conversation between artist and listener; and singing of sheer, strong beauty inspires and resonates. Smart Function is both remarkably ambitious and highly original.


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