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[MTL] LABprojects:collective improv monthly series


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LABprojects 0105:

saturday 15 january


O Patro Vys

356 Mont-Royal Est.


Doug Stein (Pharmakon) – drums

Kevin Laing (Besnard Lakes, Marlowe) – drums

Simon Angell (Patrick Watson) – guitar

Matt Kelly (Sixtoo) – guitar/keys

Matt Lederman – guitar

Peter X (Where It Hurts) – bass

Toby Cayouette (Statue Park) – synths

Neale McDavitt-Van Fleet - visuals

Moondata Productions' LABprojects is a monthly series based around the talents of Montreal musicians, DJ's and VJ's. A different kind of local music scene networking, the participants collaborate for this one-time only performance by sharing original sketches and ideas, often having members of very different groups and bands bouncing new ideas off each other, or dipping into musical styles that they are not necessarily known to perform. The improvisations often fall between abstract noise and ambience to in-your-face grooves, from heavy psych-rock to jazz & musique actuelle, from tripped out electronics to modern classical. Each show is enhanced with projected visuals that are mixed live to the music by a local VJ.



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