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CODEX Alimentarius -important-!!!


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Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages." (natural-health-information-centre.com)

"But after careful scrutiny it appears that the strongest effect of this Directive will be to cut off availability of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and most other essential nutrients by re-classifying them as pharmaceutical drugs, eventually available by prescription only and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies from synthetic materials, including genetically engineered substances." Vitality Magazine Jan/Feb Issue

Basically this is an important issue for everyone....even if the only supplement you take is Vitamin C. We have a right to naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, and supplements, NOT via prescription and NOT genetically engineered by the pharmy companies. I am appalled that this has been kept so quiet up until this point. This will all go into full effect as of August this year unless our voices are heard. PLEASE read the information in the links that follow and take the time to either sign one of the petitions or send a paper letter to your representative.

Thank you muchly.



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