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The Mahones w/ Ken Tizzard - Thursday in Kingston


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Rock Crew Productions and Elixir Nightclub present:

The Mahones with special guest Ken Tizzard (The Watchmen/Thornley) this Thursday, April 13

Tickets are $8 advance at Zap Records, Brian's Record Option, Destinations, Chumleighs, Renaissance Music, Elixir and www.rockcrew.ca

The Mahones were formed at the end of the bar at the Toucan Irish Pub in Kingston, (Ontario Canada), in 1990 over a few pints of Guinness and a couple of shots of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. It was the brilliant idea of Finny McConnell and his musical mentor Barry Williams to put together a band that sounded like The Clash, The Pogues, The Who, The Waterboys, Husker Du and The Dubliners with a dash of The Replacements and a name that rhymed with The Ramones. Once the stew was complete, a one-off gig was booked, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Go figure.

Six CDS have now been released (Draggin' The Days, Rise Again, The Hellfire Club Sessions, Live At The Horseshoe, Paint The Town Red, and Here Comes Lucky) and The Mahones have been on too many tours to count. Europe, Scandinavia and North America have been the usual stomping grounds for these Irish-Punk legends.

Always enjoying a rotating line-up of fantastic musicians, this Irish gang of rockers led by singer/songwriter Finny McConnell have played at many major festivals in Europe and North America alongside legends such as Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan, and Christy Moore to name a few. More recently, Terry Woods and Phil Chevron of the Pogues joined The Mahones on stage for a tour of Central and East Coast Canada!

Over the years the music of The Mahones has appeared in several places other than their previously mentioned CDs. These include the title track for the Dan Aykroyd movie "Celtic Pride", the song 100 Bucks was showcased in the movie "Dog Park" (Kids in the Hall), and The Mahones made a special appearance to sing the Canadian and American national anthems at the Air Canada Center in Toronto on St Patricks day, and then there was the time that they blah blah blah...

Now armed with a brand new CD (Take No Prisoners), The Mahones are back!! Look forward to a new world tour starting throughout 2006 that will take the band through North America, over to Europe and Scandinavia and maybe even to Australia and Japan.

Hide your drinks, and lock up you daughters...

The Mahones are back!!!!

For twelve years, Ken Tizzard was a member of Canadian rock band The Watchmen. As one of the hardest working bands in Canada, The Watchmen ascended to the elite of Canadian rock and with a series of diverse records and a string of top ten singles and Gold and Platinum records that established a highly appealing signature sound. In 2001, Ken began collaborating with Big Wreck front man Ian Thornley on a new band, Thornley. In late 2003, Thornley recorded their debut album “Come Again,†which was received well in both Canada and the U.S. Ken has performed thousands of concerts worldwide. From dark, intimate cabaret style clubs in Russia to entertaining millions worldwide on The Tonight Show, Ken has played in many diverse situations. Nowadays Ken plans to craft a new niche for himself with an exciting new sound that focuses on diversifying the role of the bass.





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