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happy new year all


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hey everyone

i haven't posted in awhile and now that i realize my holidays are almost over, i feel the need to find another show to go to! here is hoping everyone had a lovely holiday and new year. i just have to say (because i don't think i have yet) too in detroit restored my faith in humanity and i actually didn't get busted this time. so here's my question to all of you... aside from chasing the ever elusive face value phish ticket who else are you all planning to see this winter?

see ya


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I'm going to see SHE STOLE MY BEER!!! on Jan 25th, then Robert Walters 20th Congress on the Feb 1 weekend. They're playing the new String Cheese/Warren Miller flick 'Waiting For The Snow' before the show @ 9pm - then RW at 10:30! Pretty effin' cool, eh? Oh ya, Spearhead on the 7th as well...

... oh wait... most of you are in ONT - is it COLD there? brrrrrrrrrr - How are the ski conditions? oh wait.... never mind.


ya... that's right baby.

[/smart ass post.]

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