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Palm Pistol


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Palm Pistol - An Ergonomic Firearm with a Combination Lock

October 7, 2008

Posted In: Firearms Articles

By David M. Goldman on October 7, 2008 10:05 AM | Permalink

Working with many elderly clients in my Florida Elder Law and Florida Estate Planning Law firm, I like to report on items that tend to make life easier and have yet to see another product like this. As people age, they often develop medical issues that would prevent them form being able to use a normal firearm to protect themselves, their family, of their possessions. The Palm Pistol seems to have solved many of those problems by creating a single shot pistol with a combination lock and a thumb trigger.

The thumb is often much stronger than ones forefinger and in the case of an individual that has lost a finger, the Palm Pistol offers the ability to use ones thumb instead of a finger.

The initial price of the pistol is $275 for those who pre-order and will be $300 after shipping. For those who need protection this seems like a reasonably priced solution. They have posted a letter form the ATF that classifies this as a standard pistol.

There have been some concerns that the gun would be classified as an AOW. If that should happen, a NFA Gun Trust would allow individuals to purchase the item in most states for a $5 transfer fee that is associated with the purchase of an AOW.

NOTE: AOW's are not legal in every state, so you would have to check your state's laws to see if AOW's are permitted. But for now, it appears that the ATF will consider this a normal pistol.

For more information on this please contact

Constitution Arms

12 Hoffman Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040-1114

This is all we need is a buncha crippled and stoned old ppl armed and dangerous.

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