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Bonnie Raitt Sigma Sound Studios 1972-02-22 FLAC


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If you like acoustic blues, quality recordings and Bonnie Raitt then you probally already have this recording - if you don't have it, aren't a fan of, or are just not familiar with Bonnie Raitt's music from this period then you should download this because it's seriously smoking.

There is some discrempency over how this recording came to light, one story which seems to be the most popular is; an ex-intern of WMMR from the 1980's made their way back there in the 1990s posing as a university affiliate doing research on 1970's radio advertising gained themselves access to the records/recordings room and master reels of this show, and copied it with a portable Sony DAT deck.

Another story I've read on the internet from a person who claimed to be an ex-roommate of the person who liberated this from WMMR claims that the person was never an intern at the station, but did moreless bullshit their way into gaining access to the records/recordings room with a DAT recorder to make a copy from the master reels of this recording, as well, some other recordings.

Regardless of which story (if either) are true, the fact remains that this is seriously smoking, both in the quality of the performace and the sound of the recording. In my opinion, a must have for folks who really enjoy acoustic blues. Well worth the bandwidth & download time.


Bonnie Raitt

Rainbow Room

Sigma Sound

Philadelphia, PA



Bonnie Raitt - Guitar, piano, vocals

Dan (Freebo) Freeberg - Bass

T.J. Tindle - Guitar, harp

John Davis - Harp

1 Mighty Tight Woman

2 Rollin' and Tumblin

3 Any day Woman

4 Woman be Wise

5 Thank You

6 Bluebird

7 Finest Loving Man Around

8 Big Road

9 Stayed Too Long at the Fair

10 Under the Falling Sky

11 Walkin' Blues

12 Can't find My Way Home

13 Hurry Home Sweet Baby

14 Blender Blues

15 Bonnie's Rap (not listed on CD art or text file)

16 Since I Fell For You

CD art included.


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