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This FRIDAY! Casbah Lounge - CAM MALCOLM, MAKE YOUR EXIT + 2 more bands


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Friday October 9th

Cam Malcolm and The Owls, Make Your Exit,

The Paint Movement, Yukon Blonde

@ Casbah Lounge -- 8PM -- 19+ :: $7

306 King Street West, Hamilton






Cam Malcolm and The Owls

After cutting his teeth with critically adored, Peterborough rockers, The Sweet Homewreckers, Cam Malcolm is now all growns up, recently graduated, and on the search for new musical direction. With the demise of the Homewreckers, Cam has returned home to Hamilton, Ontario where he recorded his debut solo effort: A Little Bit Of History. The largely homespun EP contains six tracks, each exploring different musical shades while chronicling his own personal and historical stories. On stage, he can often be found accompanied by 'The Owls,' a surly crew of musicians usually including brother Fraser Malcolm on drums, Adam Melnick on bass, and James Taylor on guitar.


Make Your Exit

“Make Your Exit wowed me from the get-go, as they showcased a sound that was not unlike the many collective type bands that our country has grown synonymous with. They actually reminded me quite a bit of one of my other current local faves, namely The Paint Movement. Both bands are very celebratory in feel, as they try to straddle that fine line between jammy-ness and over blown pretentiousness. Thankfully, neither band cross over that line, and Make Your Exit are an example of art-mospheric jazz tinged brass rock culminating in a soaring climax that is hard to follow.â€


The Paint Movement

A group of 4 close friends living in the slumberous suburban sprawl of mississauga, ON got together and started writing songs collectively in February of 2007. As their passion for music has always been, their unique individual playing styles and commitment has grown exceptionally throughout the process of recording their first full-length C.D. in (singer/guitarists) Kevin Kraliks basement turned studio. See Make Your Exit description for more info.


Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde is Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Adam Newton, and Graham Jones – a band from the rolling hills of Kelowna, a city that enjoys, and is cursed by it’s own burgeoning scene. Going under the name AlphaBaby from early 2005 until late 2008, the band has conquered their fair city and toured through Canada extensively, playing some 300 shows whilst performing alongside bands such as Ladyhawk, The Constantines, Jon-Rae Fletcher, Magnolia Electric Co, Black Mountain, and Women. As AlphaBaby, (then a quintet) the band also released two EPs: "You Gentle Crustacean", recorded by Colin Stewart of The Hive Creative Labs in Vancouver BC, and "AlphaBaby Live", a bootleg by dear friend Kaylub Burke.

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