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Bass Amp repair


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I have a early 70's ampeg V4B. In the summer I took it to a local music store, Ed's Music Work shop and had them replace the tubes in it. This old behemoth finally needed some fresh juice.

Anyways long story short, when I got it home I plugged it in and not only did I not get any sound it started to smoke. After taking it back and 3 months later, I was told he couldn't figure it out, sorry about your luck. Don't worry though we'll refund 100 of the $400 you paid to have it fixed.

SO, I am looking for some where I can take this thing and actually get it fixed. I love the way it sounds. I have the cabinet with 2 15's. Great for bass, bad ass for guitar.

I also have a vintage mesa boogie amp that I need someone to look at.

I remember some talk about a high end bass store in Toronto and was wondering if this might be a good place to go.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also feel free to check the WTB/WTS for some stuff that I am clearing out of the studio and keep an eye on it over the next 2 months as I make room for some new upgrades.

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