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Holy Ween!


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WOW! Last night was my first Ween show and I have to say they rocked. For sure the best show I have seen in Toronto in years! Packed house, sounded great (can you believe it?), and I was shocked by how many songs I knew. Way to many "standers" (how can you NOT dance?!), but all in all a great time.

It was great to see the Ottawa crew make the trip. I won't name names, you know who you are!


11-03-03 Kool Haus Toronto, ON

she wanted to leave, spinal meningitis, marble tulip juicy tree, piss up a rope, happy coloured marbles, take me away, you fucked up, even if you don't, wavin' my dick in the wind, voodoo lady, don't sweat it, bananas and blow, roses are free, she fucks me, help me scrape the mucus off my brain, tried and true, i'll be your johnny on the spot, stroker ace, touch my tooter, ocean man, all of my love, dr. rock, zoloft, buckingham green, captain, fluffy

Encore: poopship destroyer, the blarney stone

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