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  1. two of my favs: BOOKER T JIMMY SMITH
  2. drawbar: There are two Rhodes and one Wurly at Songbird right now. I played all three keyboards yesterday. The rhodes are both mark I's - and in fairly good shape. both are selling for $900.. its possible to find one cheaper, but you will have to do some surfing and phoning. Try Capsule Music in Toronto (queen st?) I picked up my Mark II in Erie PA for $400 american, I found it on EBay... in the meantime, the fat cats should book more dates with Diesel Dog! that way you can use my Rhodes and I can use your Organ! now that sounds like music to me! ryan
  3. UPDATE: everything is set to go for NEW YEARS EVE: between the reserve ticket list and presales, there are almost 150 tickets spoken for (room capacity is 200) we have food ordered, champagne for the tables, decorations are in full gear...this is going to be one sweet shin-dig.. tonight were gonna set up a killer sound system with expertise and equipment from Mark Wilson, Doug Burnside, and Brent Barber.. another 36 hours or so and its party time...
  4. i have accomodations lined up for at least 15 (and likely more) out of towners - so dont fret if your coming from a long way away and have no place to go after - just bring your sleeping bags and a pillow cheers ryan
  5. after party is all but in the bag - I have the green light on two locations: location #1) big house outside of port dover about a 10 min. drive - lots of room to spread out location #.... 2)small house right in port dover, 5 min. walk from the bar - not too much space might be kinda cramped even with 20, or 30 people so i'm working on this folks and will keep you posted, either way I will have room for at least a couple dozen out of towners to crash
  6. MoMack, Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door You can get tickets many ways: 1) go to Erie Music in Simcoe, or go to the Norfolk Tavern in Port Dover 2) email me, ryan@dieseldog.ca, and I will put you on an advance ticket list - you get the advance price and can claim (and pay for) your ticket at the door before 10:00pm on New Years Eve 3) contact Mark Wilson in Brantford 4) contact God (at any pre-approved Lutherin or Baptist church) and pray like hell for a miracle Now MoMack, praying probably won't get you in the door on New Years Eve but you may want to give it a try anyhow as it may open up other more important doors later in life!
  7. i am working on a location for an afterparty, I have a couple of leads - one of them looks pretty solid at this point, I'm gonna try and pre arrange taxis from the brig to the after party at 2:30am... I do have faith that something will come through, so I should be able to accomodate alot of people...
  8. who is diesel dog? this should clear up any confusion: Diesel Dog was born out of an energetic group of youngsters during the summer of slam (2001). Although initially gifted, raw talent quickly gave way to drug induced disco jams lasting into the wee hours of the morning. Mustering up what sobriety they could (mostly from the drummer), the Dog re-grouped for an inspiring early morning session on Saturday, August the 11th, 2001. It was this session that was to form the basis for Diesel Dog's first major international smash hit 'It ain't easy being diesy'. Initial success was followed by bitter disappointment, when 4 out of 5 original members embarked on a clean living binge, discovered God and turned their focus toward christian rock. The popularity of the group plummeted to an all time low, and the future of the Dog was uncertain. Luckily, an accidental 3 week drinking binge allowed the band to re-abandon their faith and concentrate on the middle-of-the-road-kinda-groovy-disco-jam-crap that brought their initial success. Not pretty or flexible enough to perform the very hip choreography that made their early stage performances so memorable, the Dog had to rely solely on hard drugs and dumb luck to recapture the vigor of their youth. Somehow through all the smoke and pointless late night conversation, a second album was recorded and released. Though critically slammed, the album enjoyed massive commercial success, mostly in the 25 to 35 year old pot smoking demographic. Now that the boys have finally been financially rewarded for their years of hard partyi... work, their plans are to relax, gamble, womanize and drink themselves to death; probably in Las Vegas.
  9. .....can't resist much longer .........must............BUMP SHAMELESS!! NO SHAME!!!
  10. Nero in Ottawa? sounds fantastic!! but Ottawa is a long way away if you live in sunny southwestern Ontario! why not come to beautiful PORT DOVER instead? you and a freind could spend an action packed night with not one, not two, but three bands!!! thats right THREE BANDS! CAN YOU FREEKIN BELIEVE IT!?!?!?!? THE SHOESHINE BOYS (rockin high energy psychadelic blues) MARK WILSON AND THE WAY IT IS (back together for at least one more show) DIESEL DOG (with special new years eve musical suprises) The show is at the Brig in Port Dover, and tickets are only $15 in advance/ $20 at the door... This price includes a "hot" buffet. (likely chicken wings, salads, fries) Out of town and need advance tickets? NO PROBLEM!! just email me, ryan@dieseldog.ca and I will personally put YOU on my personal LIST!! that way all you have to do is show up to the door before 10:00pm and claim your speacially priced advance ticket! There will be an after party, so out of towners bring a pillow (or don't!) or contact 'ANGELO'S of Dover' for hotel rooms, reasonably priced rooms just up the street...
  11. additional info: in Brantford, Mark Wilson has tickets (759-1335) in Port Dover, the Norfolk Hotel / the Brig on Main Street has tickets in Simcoe, Erie Music on Norfolk Street has tickets
  12. NEW YEARS EVE ANNOUNCEMENT: PORT DOVER at The Brig 3 bands: -Mark Wilson and Freinds- -Diesel Dog - -The Shoeshine Boys (www.shoeshineboys.ca)- Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 at the door ticket includes hot buffet / heady door prizes. Contact ryan@dieseldog.ca to reserve your advance ticket (or for more info.) The way it works is, if you get on the advance list you can reserve your $15 ticket at the door untill 10:00pm that night - that way out of towners can get the cheap price! only 200 tickets will be sold so reserve early!! There will definately be an afterparty, so out of towners have a place to crash - location TBA...
  13. yes its true... now dont get too excited, we're talking brantford here people! DIESEL DOG Saturday Nov.8th Two Doors Down 139 market street BRANTFORD, ONTARIO doors open at 11:00am but I wouldnt go untill around 10:30pm i doubt there will be a cover, but WHO KNOWS?!!
  14. just checking my new avitar go back to work!
  15. diesel dog will be doing an on air interview today at about 4:30pm to 5:00 pm on 93.3 CFMU FM hamilton...check it out! and if somebody has the inclination and a ghetto blaster with a tape deck in it, it would be cool to get it on tape... ryan@dieseldog.ca
  16. moMack - you should fit in great! Stacey spent a year there and she says that its full of drunks like you! pour me another fosters mate!
  17. diesel dog will tentitavely (90%) be doing a radio interview in hamilton tonight on 93.3 CFMU FM hamilton at about 5:00ish... we are going to try and trick the audiance into thinking we dont suck, so it should be really fun! examples, interviewer: what are some of your career highlights so far? Jonas: that would have to be the time dieseldog opened for destiny's child in las vegas, the gig sucked, but the afterparty rocked! interviewer: what are you plans for the future? Ryan: we are all going to join the peace corps, that way we can spread our political massage to third world counties. we are very interested in massages.
  18. the Dog will be performing at the Pepper Jack Cafe on Saturday night - sept 27 not on friday...
  19. the gig is on Saturday sept 27 at PJC king william streeeet steeltown
  20. mark, I had a GREAT night on friday - there is nothing like good sound in a nice room with a supportive crowd. - put these three things together and the evening will rock.. i'm not sure if anybody taped this show, but if so please get in touch with the band at: www.dieseldog.ca thanks again ryan
  21. Anybody not going to Hamilton on saturday night might want to come down and catch dDog at Careys in Simcoe. Careys is on Norfolk Street - downtown Sin-City Big Fat Sets, No Cover, small town drink prices...
  22. just got word that Mark Wilson will be opening the night with a soulful accoustic set... this will be a great night of music dont forget your drum
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