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Phish survey


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Hi. My friend sent me this survey she is doing for school. She would appreciate it everyone here would fill it an email it to her.

If you could copy the text from here and paste it into an email to her, that would be great!

email to:




hi people!

i'm doing a paper for school, and i'm comparing the grateful dead and phish audiences. (i know, i know, doesn't really sound like school, but it is!) anyway, i got some info on GD audiences from the old days, and i'm doing a comparison with phish fans of today. so if some of the questions sound weird, please just do your best to answer them, or if you don[t want to then you don't have to. P.S - keri (and anybody else) - would you mind forwarding this to a couple more people, the more the better! the paper's due in about a week though. THANK YOU so much, everyone, cheers! meghan

here goes:

1. why do you like Phish/ Phish shows?

2. do you also like the Grateful Dead?

3. what is your level of education? (that's one of the weird ones, but someone else did a survey of haight-ashbury and that was one of the stats)

4. what is the level of education of your parents?

5. what are your political views? (i.e. materialism, capitalism, blah blah)

6. what kind of role do drugs play in your enjoyment of Phish/Phish shows? what kind of drugs?

7. how many Phish shows have you seen?

8. how did you hear about Phish? about GD?

9. how far have you traveled to see a Phish show?

and that about wraps it up. if anybody has a suggestion or more comments they want to add fire it on over! thanks again!!

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