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all hail the BROWNMAN Nick Ali


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Yes I know... we gotta get them to Ottawa... I'm working on it

Caption from the BROWNMAN's mailing list

Oh my god!!

Dig this - I've been awarded the National Jazz Award for "Jazz

Composer of the Year"!!! Huuuuge thanks to all that voted... really

guys... I never in a bazillion years would have thought my name would

appear in the company of those below. Insane. The ceremony was

broadcast via CBC nation-wide last night. I'll be putting an MP3 up on

the site of my lame-o, stammering acceptance. It started with a long

pause as I gazed out into a sea of people... followed by a "what am I

doin' up here?"... oh yeah... my speech writers were workin'

overtime.... *holding head*... I then proceeded to careen all over the

place for about 2 minutes... but the one thing I did manage to babble

out was a thank you to all those that took the time to register a vote

for my brown ass. This really is a "people's choice" award, and I'm

totally honoured beyond words to be this year's people's choice for

Composer Of The Year, especially given the company I was in. Big love.


Nick Ali & CRUZAO will be performing at Harbourfront's "Water's Edge

Cafe" on March 10th 2-5pm! It's free and it's being taped and

re-broadcast nation-wide by CBC Radio-1 about a week later on

"Bandwidth" hosted by Bill Stunt. Exact airtimes T.B.A.

2001 National Jazz Award for "______ of the Year" :

Best jazz festival: Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Broadcaster: Ross Porter (CBC Radio 2, After Hours).

Journalist: Mark Miller (The Globe and Mail and author).

Producer: Jim West and Brigham Phillips.

Saxophonist: Mike Murley.

Bassist: Dave Young and Steve Wallace.

Keyboardist: Dave Restivo.

Drummer: Terry Clarke.

Violin: Hugh Marsh.

Percussion: Rick Lazar.

Miscellaneous: Jane Bunnett.

Composer: Nick Ali.

SOCAN composer: D.D. Jackson.

Clarinet: Phil Nimmons.

Acoustic Group: Barry Elmes Quintet.

Electric Group: Metalwood.

Arranger: Rob McConnell.

Trombonist: Rob McConnell.

Trumpet: Kevin Turcotte.

Guitarist: Michael Occhipinti.

Big band: Nojo.

Label: Justin Time Records.

Vocalist: Carol Welsman.

Record of the year: The Look of Love, Diana Krall.

Musician of the year: Diana Krall.

International musician: Diana Krall.

Lifetime achievement award: Phil Sheridan, Oscar Peterson.

Oscar Peterson, Moe Koffman, Jackie Washington and Dutch Mason were the

inaugural inductees into the Canadian Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame.

Peterson also received a lifetime achievement award.


A'ight... I'm out. Peace.

(and thanks again guys... I'm totally knocked out by this...!)

- Brown

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