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  1. Bamm! SET ONE 1. Kill Devil Falls 2. Cavern 3. Foam 4. Guelah Papyrus 5. Chalk Dust Torture > 6. Whole Lotta Love > 7. Chalk Dust Torture 8. Ha Ha Ha 9. Walk Away 10. Wolfman's Brother > 11. Undermind 12. Bathtub Gin 13. The Squirming Coil SET TWO 1. Tube 2. Possum 3. Tweezer > Heartbreaker > Tweezer > 4. Ramble On > What Is and What Should.>Tweezer> 5. Stairway To Heaven > 6. Halley's Comet 7. 2001 8. David Bowie 9. Show Of Life 10. Backwards Down The Number Line 11. Good Times, Bad Times ENCORE 1. Sleeping Monkey 2. Tweezer Reprise
  2. E P I C Which is only to say thats a my kinda show :?) SET ONE 1. The Star Spangled Banner 2. My Soul 3. AC/DC Bag 4. Ocelot 5. Sample In A Jar 6. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone 7. Sugar Shack 8. Timber 9. Bouncing Around The Room 10. Axilla 11. Rift 12. The Moma Dance > 13. Cities 14. 46 Days SET TWO 1. Punch You In The Eye 2. Sand 3. Carini 4. Prince Caspian 5. Corrina 6. Piper 7. Theme From The Bottom 8. Golgi Apparatus 9. Slave To The Traffic Light 10. Fluffhead ENCORE 1. Loving Cup
  3. 12th fret is great but way too long and over priced. You should be able to get it done in the city for $60 tops in most places...I do all the set-ups for the Zeus/Collett guys and many of the Arts & Crafts musicians for quite a few years now and for those "Bro's" and what-have-you I would charge about $25/set-up... Unfortunately if you want my expertise, it'll have to wait as I'm now based closer to Ottawa and return only once a month or so to tend to the needs of my Toronto clients...or they come by my shop here if they're on the road. If you find your still having trouble, I can certainly work something out there for you with another competent luthier...I don't personally know the cat at sixstring but I do know his reputation and he does good work from what I understand. Cheers, Gawpo Giggles
  4. It's called "hide glue" and yep; its made from an animals hide. Lee Valley offers some in granular form that will work just fine unless you want to purchase from a luthier supplier directly...not really necessary though... GOOD LUCK!
  5. I believe that would be Chris Coole...
  6. Indeed some terrible stuff...So Sad I'll be doing my part when I receive my first shipment of a number of instruments for repair damaged in the flood. Vince Gill held a flood relief concert and raised $1.7million in 3.5 hours...you can follow more news about the flood on Vince's homepage and other was to donate or help out. http://www.vincegill.com/main/index.php
  7. EXACTLY :clapclap: :clapclap: :clapclap:
  8. Exactly...it's a huge songbook and I'm going to wait to see how it works out...for me, it just wasn't "The Sister's" I've know for years and at present I'm just not into seeing Kev coach someone through some charts... Bouche :surprise: yourself Gawpo Giggles
  9. I was there on the first return in December and as most know, I am a very old friend of the bands and in fact 2 of them play or will be playing instruments I have made for them. I was REALLY let down catching that first show so thats why I'm waiting till they work things out with Mark...if they can. The band ROARED but there was just major weakness compared to what I know traditionally of "The Sisters"...he simply does not have the chops that Rob does and they are hurting, IMHO because of it. There is a youtube video from that night where Kevin is on FIRE and Mark is doing some weird washy crap on the B3 that had me sooooo desolee...I honestly thought the guy had never sat in front of a Hammond before cause he looked lost...completely! But, it was his first go, no one knew he was replacing Rob and the addition of his accordion will indeed hopefully add something to the mix... But keeping in mind "The Sisters" don't practice, I think this kid has a LONG way ahead of him...or the sound may indeed become something new and we'll have to see what happens then... HOWEVER they are still one of the best bands in the world...and my FAVORITE band...no Rob just snuck up on me... $.002 Gawpo Giggles
  10. Thanks all... Dave...in a very short while capsule will have a tele and a strat in.. vintage style strat, 2-tone burst, Fralin P/U's with his blend pot. if you want to chat about something completely custom (radius, scale, neck profile etc) then that is possible as well... Also, that bong-bowl thing is wild...while looking for my customary I was considering a change... Cheers, Gawpo Giggles
  11. Hi All, Some folks here may know that for several years I have been studying the art of lutherie. Throughout the years I've been very fortunate in who I've been able to train under and in turn have had many a fine musician trust me with building them a dream instrument or maintaining their already beloved precious instrument. I am proud to say Kevin Breit, Ian De Souza, Ryan Myshrall, Carla Gillis, Ben Whiteley and others are awaiting an instrument from "cGc" and Kevin Hearn is already roaming around Lou Reed and BNL gigs with one of our tele-esque instruments. Today we've launched the website. Still in progress but I'm happy we've finally got to the point of getting it up there and thought I would share. Canadian Guitar Company Have a GREAT day everyone! Gawpo Giggles
  12. Here is the video of Bryant rear-ending Al before he proceeded to murder him... What sort of instigation is there here? Words? Perhaps being flipped the bird? Bryant even seems to try to scare/fake his initial assault of Al. After being struck, I'd say Al's pretty free to do what he wants...like throw his bike down and try to get that chicken shit out of his car and his jaw on the curb... ANY OF YOU STILL IN THE UNDERSTANDING THAT BRYANT COULD MURDER AL ARE GOD DAMN MORONS! SCARED FOR HIS LIFE? A BICYCLE (AND CERTAINLY NOT THE HUMAN BODY) WILL NEVER WIN AGAINST CAR! USE YOUR FUCKING HEADS!
  13. He actually wasn't...Ronnie's is kinda dark but I was surprised myself... Gawpo Giggles
  14. Yes, Daniel really is a very easy guy to get along with and a super easy guy to talk with...I was really shocked at how truly easy going and open to the conversation he is...willing to talk about anything really, to pass the time... I didn't take any pictures...I have no camera and it seemed weird to pull out the cell phone during Bono's speech...that being said, I did see a cell camera appear when Daniel began his thank-yous and I've been checking to see if it pops up on youtube or something but haven't found it yet...The owner of Ronnie's is also a friend and she would have killed me... Gawpo Giggles
  15. I'm not sure what the reference is to but, yha, I met Bono...and his family was there too and I believe it was his Mother and his Aunt that had left just as I got there...I met his father-in-law and Daniel had most of his close business relations there (manager, cinematographer, his son and new daughter-in-law and the Cine's new baby...) At one point in his Bday speech to Daniel, Bono talks about living a "good life...no" he says "I live an extraordinary life and most people that have THIS life won't be shy in expressing how amazing and wonderful THEY are to accomplish such a feat"..."I think its appropriate on such an occasion as Daniels Birthday to state that I have THIS life because of Daniel Lanois!" IT WAS QUITE A SPECIAL AND TOUCHING MOMENT! Gawpo Giggles
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