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Vancouver show - psychobilly


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Saturday April 13 - The Piccadilly Pub - Seymour & Dunsmuir

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You know where you're gonna see the lovely sCare-oline belly dancing and slapping that upright next weekend? You know where to find some real burlesque, eye-poppin' costumes and some hard-tailed psychobilly from the fastest geetar in the West to wash it down with? Come and get it with Big John Bates and those untamed fightin' females - the Voodoo Dollz. Word has it that Jesse James and his boys - The Spectres - are riding up from Seattle with a crop of new songs - and we hear they're bringing the JD!! And Niels and the boys are gonna open the show treating the blues the way they do their motorcycles - riding 'em fast and dirty.

And where else but the world-renowned Piccadilly can you stand toe to toe with the roustabouts from the Ton-up Club, carouse like Angus Young on bennies and torture the wide-eyed little hip-hop girls that wander in from Malones? Don't forget to check out the newest BJB t-shirts created by the hotrod lowbrow madman 12 Midnite & his co-hort Holly Ruth.

BJB is gearing up for a US tour in June and a European tour in July so this will be the last local show until then. And you all know the Pic closes early - exactly when is a question for the Psychic Friends. Get there early or miss a terrific show.

If you're from the press don't let us know or we'll strip you half naked and ride you around the bar.


"Surf-Flecked Satan-billy


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Also this Saturday, near Vancouver (in Whistler):

The New Deal


+ big air snowboard comp

All for free at the base of Whistler! Thats where I'm headin. Also this Thursday night at Wett Bar (?), Scratch Perverts are playing. I saw them in London and they're super super good!

Did any of you Vancouver folks go to that Arts County Fair on Friday? I went, and it sucked ass. Its one of those end-of-year blowouts for UBC students, held at the school football field. The New Deal played but they played first (around 1pm) so everyone missed their set (me included). It was just a bunch of drunken college kids running around puking everywhere pretty much. And huuuge line-ups too - to get into the place, to take a leek, to get beer tickets, to get beers, to get food, to exit the venue etc.

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