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Vino = Toaster?


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Thanks to Jambolaya for playing the Bayou. It's a tough room to sense the vibe in. We were all there and I liked what I heard as always. Thanks for the 2001 (it kicked ass large)and Reggae Woman! Oh and happy birthday Dan.

What do you say Brad. Am I in the running for the toaster? I think now that it's spring I'm back to the wine. I forgot what it does to me (ie. falling asleep on B's shoulder, on the counter and on the john, all the while continuing to somehow dance.) Viva Valpolicella! At the very least I deserve some form of compensation for exposing myself to a back seat packed with sweaty cheesecake advocates. The lengths I go to for a good time.... rolleyes.gif" border="0

Must sleep now.

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